Cold Winds Blow, Bertha “Rests”, Revolt Brews

Posted on July 5, 2010


Oh Canada! The Other Side of Glacier Park

Big Bertha Takes a Breather: Not a Drop, Thanks!

The bears ignored our best efforts to entice them to attack and we left Glacier for Canada in good spirits. Jesse led us to the border (“frontier” sounds much better), seeing a griz on the way, and much cow flop owing to an open range. We passed customs with flying colors. It’s hard to harass a grandfather after all. Welcome to Waterton Park, the Canadian side of Glacier. Where the winds blow, and blow and blow for the next 200 miles.

We're Not In Kansas Anymore, Toto

This house landed on the highway and blocked our progress for a while. Rudi thought of Toto in Kansas and looked for a witch in the sky, but only got a surprise when Bertha decided to take a nap at the next gas stop. Being the compassionate guy we all wish to be, Rudi let her rest until Jesse arrived to pick her up for the rest of the journey.

Rudi Lets Bertha Take A Breather ... Really

Jesse has shown prowess as a navigator since he ignores the GPS on Rudi’s bike and reads the highway signs, what a throwback! It works only because Rudi’s eyes can’t make out the printing on the maps and his hearing can’t understand what the GPS is saying.

Two Jack Lake, Banff, Alberta, Canada

So we end up on Two Jack Lake outside of Banff  at the end of Day Two … watching for bears, but also dealing with conflict between the boys. Conflict that could put the trip in jeopardy. Only two days have gone by, yet it may not last.

Stay tuned.

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