Rudi Cavorts With Voluptuous Vixens: Jesse Steamed!

Posted on July 7, 2010


How not to behave in a hot springs, another Rudi Moment

Who Knows What Rudi Knows: It's All In The Eyes Of The Beholder

See the hot interest in the eyes of these two charming female types? Rudi does, and he believes it’s is directed at him as he swims in the nine-foot deep upper pool of the Liard Hot Springs in northern British Columbia, a favorite stop on the ALCAN. (Bob note: Rudi moves seamlessly between fantasy and reality with a dollop of self-delusion thrown in, as is illustrated here. These very nice people were minding their own business until Rudi imposed his camera lens on them, and even then they remained composed, something Rudi seldom does).

Jesse  and Rudi hiked the ten minutes up the plank path, past the crowded lower hot springs pool, to the deeper and less-crowded upper pool for a refreshing dip in the 102 degree water. It’s the only hot springs they have been in with bear warnings posted on the trail. That’s BEAR, not BARE warnings. Got it?

You have probably figured out by now that the sole purpose of this post is to use an exploitive headline again. Cavort With Voluptuous Vixens. Who can resist that! Dare you. (Bob note: My wife, Celeste, has held both Rudi’s and my heart captive for over thirty years. Why she tolerates Rudi’s antics I couldn’t say, but she does enjoy a good prat fall from him from time to time.)


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