Out, Out, Damned SPOT! Final Preparations for the Run to the Arctic!

Posted on July 8, 2010


Rudi and Jesse dined on fresh caught halibut and red salmon washed down with margueritas at the local bistro last night before turning in at mid-day bright midnight. They were awakened at 4 a.m. by the mid-day bright sun.

Bikes taken to the various shops in the a.m. for oil changes, additional air filters, and new knobby tires; laundry done, blogging getting done, baggage weight reduction program planned for the evening, and NO SPOT all day! Out, Out, Damned SPOT!

We leave for Coldfoot tomorrow morning, about half of the 489 mile distance to Deadhorse/Prudho Bay, and make a decision when we get there about continuing on up the entire distance. This is why we had to see if Rudi could handle a 12-hour day … barely. There is no wifi or cell service between south of Coldfoot and Deadhorse so don’t expect to hear from us for two to three days.

Do you  know how Coldfoot got it’s name? Rudi does, and he thinks you can make a good guess too.

Love to all, especially Celeste, Bard, Kate, Bee, Jennifer, Angel, and all the grandkids. Rudi and Jesse ride the last leg of this first part of the Alaskan adventure for real.


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