Canada Day and beyond

Posted on July 3, 2010







It’s time for another quick update from everyone’s favorite team. We are once again camping in a spot without WiFi so this isn’t a complete posting, however, I have figured out how to add pictures for your entertainment.

The past few days have seen us traveling deeper into the land of crazy Canucks, which, as it turns out are not crazy. In fact they have been been very accepting of us boys from the south, even going as far as offering up some beer ( Jesse happy accepted, Rudi already had his pirates grog in hand), well wishes on our journey, and great conversations. Of course we had to promise not to share with the world what lays hidden in the countryside. You know that beauty beyond wonder Bilbo spoke of? There is lots of it here. Banff is amazing and as one heads north further into the Canadian rockies it gets bigger and better. We rode the length of the Icefields parkway, passing under a number of world famous alpine faces and winter ice climbs. I was drooling and doing my best not to run over the many bears that also shared the road. Did I mention it was cold? To warm up we took a short stop to hike up to the toe of the Athabasca glacier, which like most glaciers is receding very quickly, but is none the less massive and impressive. Following that stop we buzzed northwest, camping in a small park only to continue to here and now. Where is here and now, do you ask. That would in British Columbia about 40 miles down the Alaska highway. Thats right, we made it to Mile 0 in Dawson Creek and have pictures to prove it. Tomorrow we cross the Yukon river via ferry. Jesse and Rudi send their love to all our family and friends. Good night.

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