Another 6 Inches Is A Good Idea: A Rudi Moment

Posted on August 14, 2010


Sir Winston Churchill: Wartime Prime Minister & Winner Of The Noble Prize For Literature

So what does Sir Winston Churchill have to do with Rudi? Listen up!

In addition to being the brilliant leader of Great Britain during the Second World War, Sir Winston also was known for the occasional consumption of large quantities of fine whiskey. On one such occasion, a grand dame type came up to the great man and said, “You are a disgusting drunk!”, to which Sir Winston replied, “Yes Madam, I am drunk. And you are ugly. But tomorrow morning when I wake up, I will be sober … and you will still be ugly!”

Rudi likes these little anecdotes, as do most people who think of things to say like this only after the opportunity has passed them by. One such opportunity presented itself to Rudi in the form of a demanding motel guest in Watertown, South Dakota, who wanted Rudi to move Bertha over by “6 more inches”.

Bertha And The Offending 6 Inches Too Far To The Left

When you are parking a large motorcycle, the smart rider is thinking of the exit strategy since bikes don’t have a reverse gear and are hard to push up hill. A slight downhill incline is desirable such as you see here. The bike is not centered in the parking space since it is on a sidestand and leans to the left.

The Offending Distance Is Measured Out

The charming lady in the minivan on the left (not shown here as per Rudi’s team of high-powered attorneys) loudly proclaimed that Bertha needed to be moved “6 more inches” to the right. Never mind that my old girl left about two feet between herself and the ugly van. Rudy measured out the distance while thinking of the grand retort, as the lady continued to loudly bemoan the incursion into what she claimed was her space.

Rudi's Ruler Measures His Mood As Well

Upon moving Bertha, Rudi proclaimed to his dour oppressor, “Ma’am, if someone had given you 6 more inches earlier in your life, you might not now be such an unhappy harpy now!”, as he walked off with a Clint Eastwood smile.

Sir Winston would have approved.


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