Rudi Foils Bear Attack Near Lake Louise!

Posted on July 6, 2010


Rudi Prevents Bear Attack! Risks Self For Others! 

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Chilly Two Jack Lake Camp Near Banff

It was a cold night at Two Jack Lake with the temperature hovering a few degrees above freezing. This on June 30th! Both guys commented on shivering through the night in their 35 degree (F) sleeping bags. Being manly men they made light of getting only a few hours sleep. Macho idiots! They retrieved their food bags from the bear-proof containers provided at this fine Canadian provincial park, ate their oatmeal and rode the gravel roads out and into Banff, just a few miles away. No bear sitings yet, but there will be.

Rudis Frozen Smile: Time to rise and shine!

Top on the list of priorities was a stop at a grocery store where Jesse supervised the securing of provender for the next few days (Note: This is not grocery shopping, or even trading for provisions, both wimpy expressions not used by adventurers. Securing provender could be shooting a griz for a haunch, or smoking salmon, or even raiding a neighbor’s cache for supplies). Armed with freshly secured spaghetti noodles, several cheeses, Oreo cookies, sliced turkey and flatbread, the adventure-minded duo set sail.

It should be noted that Rudi let Jesse deal with the food, while he snuck down the block to the local spirits shop for fermented and distilled beverages to further weigh down his saddlebags. An army may travel on its stomach, but Rudi travels on his grog (grog is the rightful measure of rum and water granted twice a day to her British majesty’s able seamen and is deemed to be the reason Britannia ruled the waves for several centuries since slightly besotted sailors are much less prone to mutiny than their sober-sided cousins. Bob note: Rudi’s interpretation of historical data may be somewhat distorted).

Rudi Exults In Heroic Fashion Following Bear Attack

Regardless, the travelers chose to avoid busy four-lane Highway 1 and instead went on the Bow River Parkway out of Banff headed for Lake Louise on Canada Day! That meant a free Park Pass for the cheapskate Rudi!

Just a few miles into the ride, the traffic slowed down and Jesse signaled a stop, which Rudi, of course, ignored,  plowing directly into the path of an attacking black bear who just barely cleared Rudi’s front fender as it scampered into the woods. The flash of sharp teeth as the small black bear ran past Rudi and into the bushes was as close as Rudi was going to get to a bear on the entire trip! Jesse’s take on this may differ slightly as he had warned Rudi that stopped traffic meant wildlife on the side of the road (meaning “don’t be an idiot, Dad!”), but Rudi prefers his version of the event, you betcha”!

What Rudi thinks he saw.

Momma Grizzly (NOT named Sarah!) and Cub On A Stroll

There is a lot of wildlife on the Ice Field Parkway and even special campgrounds behind chain link fences because of so much Grizzly bear activity, mainly Mom’s and their cubs. The boys decided Jesse should lead in heavy wildlife areas due to his better eyesight and experience in spotting the animals. Rudi would continue to lead in the rain, as he has ridden thousands of miles in the wet stuff.

Jesse led the way down the parkway and on to the “Ice Field Parkway” past Lake Louise which was overrun with tourists. With no where to park, and RV’s coming at them from every direction, the boys headed out without a glimpse of the famed lake.

Jesse Burns Through Memory Cards On The Ice Field Highway

The waterfalls of this day are world famous frozen challenges in the winter, and Jesse knew them all by name.

Jesse Dreams of Frozen Waterfalls

These handsome chunks of expensive hardware below make up the “gear rack” for Jesse and Angel’s ice climbing fun in the winter.

This Is A Serious Climbers Equipment Wall: Angel & Jesses House

Jesse and Angel are ice climbers and have most of the tools of that arcane craft hanging on a wall near their bedroom. Rudi felt slightly threatened by the wall as it reminded him of bad Frankenstein movies of his youth.

Lunch Chef At Work in Amazing Surroundings

The Results

Jesse took many pictures of these magnificent natural flows, and no doubt he and Angel will climb some of them in the future. But true to his plan, “real food” was not to be denied. The dining room on the Ice Field Parkway was no doubt enhanced by the scenery, but fresh food is welcome anywhere, anytime.

Athabaska Glacier, Part of the Columbia Ice Field

The Athabaska Glacier is on this road and is worth the risk of a heart attack to climb up at 6,300 feet and view. People have died here walking on the melting ice so follow Rudi’s advice and obey the rules. Athabaska Falls is also worth a stop. Unbelievable how this much water can go through this narrow of a gap in the rock.

Raging Athabaska, Ice Field Parkway

Rudi and Jesse motored on past Jasper National Park where the scenery just kept getting more spectacular. It was not a day for piling up the miles, rather a day for soaking in the beauty.

Chef Rudis Fine Dining At Gregg Lake, Switzer Provincial Park

The day ended at Lawrence Switzer Provincial Park with whole-wheat spaghetti and fresh veggies, sautéed in olive oil accompanied by a white wine in a plastic bottle. Rudi is no fool. Good friends and family deserve good food and all that goes with it. But he made Jesse do the dishes (OK, so Jesse volunteered to do the dishes, same thing). More bear prevention measures tonight, and we froze again too. It’s only July here, folks, and a 35 degree sleeping bag is not enough!

The Miscreants Celebrate Moments Before Dog Attacks Jesse & Guard Kicks Us Out of Canada

Flash Travel Update: July 5, 2010

Boys arrive Chicken, Alaska after epic 504-mile, 13-hour ride, including 225 miles of gravel, dirt and mud, from Ross River, Yukon, through Carmacks, Dawson City, and the Top of the World and Taylor Highways, in rain, wind, and sun, crossing the border into Alaska at Poker Creek minutes before it closed for the night. Jesse is bitten by a border guard’s dog and the border gate hits us in the ass as we leave with a snarling guard hurrying us on our way!  The adventure continues!


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