“High” & “Tea” Don’t Mean What They Did In The 60’s, Rudi Finds

Posted on August 8, 2010


Celeste & Scottie at Waterton Lake, Alberta, Canada, Before Getting "High"

Rudi’s wife, Celeste, and his favorite mother-in-law, Scottie, wanted to see the beauty of Canada’s side of Glacier National Park, Waterton International Peace Park, so the group set out early on Thursday to do just that. Rumor has it more animals can be seen there due to lighter traffic on the roads.

Male Mule Deer Doing What Guys Tend To Do .. PG Version

Bingo! Great photo ops of mule deer on Waterton Lake shoreline before getting too deep into the park.

Prince of Wales Hotel, Built in 1927, Where the Hired Hands Wear Kilts, and Rudi Thinks It's Time to Get High

Celeste mentioned to Rudi that she wanted to take her mother to “high tea”, so Rudi’s brain processed this with the 1960’s memory chip and got the wrong idea. Even though Rudi never inhaled, he was aware of the meaning of both “tea” and “high”, so he shoved down his objections and offered up his selfless side for the ladies’ benefit.

Kilted Caroline Caters Crumpets for "High Tea": Rudi Is Confused

The kilted French-Canadian lass shown here brought the selection of teas: You DRINK the damn stuff! Earl Grey, Fresh Mint, Earthen Green, etc. These are not the names Rudi remembers from four decades ago. Not only that, the tiered tray is piled high with dainties that the youth of his day never dreamed of.  Your pinky must be expended to drink and eat Rudi is told.

"Faking It" Was Never A Rudi Strength: Perhaps One Of His Few Good Qualities

Truth be told, it was a wonderful time with great people, great views, and great food and drink. To prove it, Caroline agreed to take this picture … for a 25% tip!

This Could Be Habit-Forming: Brits Eat Your Hearts Out!

On the way out of the park, a large grizzly bear decided to promenade before Scottie’s camera at less than 100 yards distance. She has the pictures to prove it and if she sends me one, I’ll share it with everyone.

Tomorrow it’s goodbye again as the girls get on the train at 9 a.m. and Rudi hits the 2,500 mile highway to Atlanta to see his lovely daughters for the first time in nearly seven weeks.


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