Final Days, Final Miles: Time For Reflection? Rudi Says “Not!”

August 15, 2010


People ask, “What was the best moment?”, or, “What was the scariest moment?”, etc., and the honest answer for Rudi is, “We had to live in all the moments, good, bad, scary, funny, etc.” Jesse may feel differently, but as level-headed as he is, there were only the predictable ups and downs of a multi-week […]

Frying Eggs On His Helmet, Rudi Motors On

August 15, 2010


With memories of critters and cooler weather dancing in his sweaty helmet, Rudi set out on day 48 of his ride trying to remember how to keep his cool in the near-record heat wave he rode into yesterday in South Dakota. The locals at breakfast were complaining about both the heat and humidity. Rudi worked […]

Another 6 Inches Is A Good Idea: A Rudi Moment

August 14, 2010


So what does Sir Winston Churchill have to do with Rudi? Listen up! In addition to being the brilliant leader of Great Britain during the Second World War, Sir Winston also was known for the occasional consumption of large quantities of fine whiskey. On one such occasion, a grand dame type came up to the […]

The Center Of It All: Rudi & Rod Say “You Betch’a!”

August 14, 2010


Actually it was Celeste who clued Rudi in to this spot as she saw the monument from her train car on the way out to Glacier. It is located in Rugby, North Dakota, about 65 miles east of Minot on Highway 2. It seemed fitting for Bertha to visit the center of the continent as […]

Don’t Fly Too Close To The Sun Rudi: You Might Melt

August 13, 2010


FLASH! RUDI MAKES IT HOME SAFE AND SOUND, BUT WORN DOWN TO A NUB! DETAILS TO FOLLOW AS HE REGAINS CONSCIOUSNESS AND COHERENCE (Bob note: Coherence is relative, we mean what passes for it in Rudi’s world). Visions of Alaska dance in Rudi’s head as he takes leave of his lovely wife and mother-in-law on […]

“High” & “Tea” Don’t Mean What They Did In The 60’s, Rudi Finds

August 8, 2010


Rudi’s wife, Celeste, and his favorite mother-in-law, Scottie, wanted to see the beauty of Canada’s side of Glacier National Park, Waterton International Peace Park, so the group set out early on Thursday to do just that. Rumor has it more animals can be seen there due to lighter traffic on the roads. Bingo! Great photo […]

Rudi Uses the Magic of 666 to Transform Moose Butt to Moose Baby

August 5, 2010


The brakeless Bertha made it through Missoula morning traffic to the BMW dealer to await her new stoppers, which had failed to arrive on schedule. Rudi took the time to stroll the city and the river walks, getting a shave and a hair cut for more than 6 bits and a double ice cream cone […]