Missoula to Moose Butt & Back Again: Rudi Breaks Brakes

August 3, 2010


Yeah, it’s a moose, but not quite the way you want to see one. But that’s what Rudi saw on his first travel day back home to Atlanta. Well, not to Atlanta just yet, rather a northerly detour of 200 miles to Glacier National Park and a visit with his wife, Celeste, and her mother, […]

Boys Triumphant Return, Unchained! 8,200 Round Trip Miles

August 2, 2010


Our heroes returned with a four and a half day saga across Alaska and Canada marked by long days, isolated roads, primitive campsites, new friends, and more long days. They rode over 2,500 miles on tough, remote roads averaging more than 525 miles a day, camping every night but one. They are nuts! Seems Jesse […]

Seward Belle Sydney Steals Show: Puffins Rejoice

July 25, 2010


This is a family post with some neat pictures and information about Sea Life on Prince William Sound. Only one shot of a motorcycle here, and it has a hottie as the main feature, so bikers, be forewarned, says Rudi. We have also leaped over a day or two of our visits to Whittier, Anchor […]

A Talkeetna State Of Mind: Mellooowwwwwww ……

July 21, 2010


Talkeetna is a place Alaskans go on summer weekends to mellow out. Talkeetna is a Native American word that means, “return to the ethos of the 1960’s”, says Rudi. He suspects the “mellow” has some chemical basis, and he should know. He spent part of the 1960’s in Aspen, Colorado, and remembers some small portion […]

Bear With Us, Again & Again, Denali Wildlife Found Here!

July 20, 2010


This Grizzily Mom waits for her two cubs in Denali National Park. All photos courtesy of Angel, soon-to-be-Selwyn, Davis. Rain and cool weather continued during our two-day Denali stay, but failed to dampen our spirits. (Bob Note: Rudi feels clever when he makes sly analogies like this one. “Dampen our spirits”/rainy weather … get it?). […]

Jesse & Angel Lost In Mountain Storm! Celeste & Rudi Mourn

July 18, 2010


Rainy, cool weather is the norm this summer in Alaska, and the locals aren’t happy about it, as their summer outdoor fun is part of a cherished heritage. One guy told me that he considers summer any month where he didn’t need skis to get around, roughly April through October, depending on latitude. Camp was […]

Recovery and Reunite! Boys & Girls Find One Another in Wilderness

July 18, 2010


Deadhorse videos now give way for a while to the chronological journey as the boys and the girls streak across the wilderness in a blaze of longing that would make maidens blush. Rudi is waxing eloquent, he thinks, as the boys wash road grime off themselves and their bikes, and the girls shop at Walmart […]