Rudi’s Antics Drive Daughter To Jump Off Bridge

Posted on June 29, 2010


Well, well. We now know who the National Enquirer fans are out there, don’t we. The classic case of the misleading headline, using several well-known facts coupled to an outrageous allegation or photograph, gets you every time, eh?

Rudi’s antics can be outrageous alright, and Bee is Bob’s daughter (Bob being the real person, Rudi being the alter ego maniac), and Bee did indeed jump off of a bridge. Bee may be embarrassed by Rudi’s behavior, or the blog, but I doubt it. She does have grit though, doesn’t she?

My two daughters make me, and Rudi, very proud. I miss them terribly, but as strong-willed, intelligent young women, they have lives of their own. They sometimes visit the blog, but their lives revolve around many interests and people.

Intelligent, Strong-Willed, & Beautiful. Rudi's Daughters on Father's Day 2010

Kate and Bee. They must take after their mother. You HAVE seen Rudi’s visage on the blog, right? They take after their mother.

This is why I, and Rudi, take an ambivalent view of this trip.

Love them and leave them is not the Rudi way. But it’s only temporary, I promise.

My oldest son Bard is back with his family after an extended job assignment, which is great for him and Jennifer and their kids, and our three granddaughters are with Celeste and the grown girls for a week of Camp Selwyn in Atlanta. Miss all of you and wish you a very happy and fun summer.

We’ll be thinking of you as we move through the north country.


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