A Rudi Plan Is Not A Real Plan

Posted on June 24, 2010


The adventure begins when things go wrong, right? Well that depends on how wrong they go, doesn’t it?  It could only be an inconvenience versus a full blown crisis, and inconveniences don’t signify, as a salty fictional Admiral said many times. Refresh your “Master and Commander” quotations from Jack Aubrey if you must.

Atlanta to Missoula, 2,200 Miles

A twelve-hour second day ride wasn’t  planned, but  lack of campgrounds north of Kansas City and a gorgeous afternoon with cool temperatures and great scenery on the interstate between the Missouri river and the bluffs, made “just another 100 miles” impossible for Rudi to resist.

Gourmet Lunch, Nashville, Missouri

As usual with a Rudi plan, there was more hidden behind  that curtain.  The ride was indeed beautiful, but the sun was setting a bit faster than Rudi planned for it too, and his destination, Council Bluffs, Iowa, was that slightest bit farther away than he figured it was, and the gas stations plentiful east of the Mississippi were not to be found out here. Any wives or girlfriends reading this will recognize this situation immediately.

When Rudi arrived at Council Bluffs, almost out of gas and needing to “use the facilities” in the worst way, he discovered several things. There weren’t many rooms available to the dual sport enthusiast on two wheeled conveyances. No prejudice, just no rooms. Those Tricia Yearwood fans seem to suck them up for miles around. Council Bluffs is a happening place and that is tonight!

Primitive Campsite, Council Bluffs, Iowa

When Rudi finally used his GPS to locate a motel his oldest son, Bard, had recommended, he found success! Pulling confidently into the parking lot with high hopes of a cheap, but high quality room, Rudi strode into the lobby and asked, “Is there a room in this inn?” “Yes! there was” … for $159.00! The only room left in Council Bluffs, Iowa, was Rudi’s for the taking!

Visions of camping out at $10/night began to dance in Rudi’s head, but at 9 p.m., he figured he could sell some motorcycle parts to cover the difference. Didn’t he still have some rum in a saddle bag and wasn’t that a Coke machine off the lobby?

No adventure has begun, just a reality check revealing some poor planning by our hero. Nice people at the hotel and a chance to wash some clothes in the shower so he can dry them in a mesh bag on the motorcycle  make it a good stop.

The scenery and the history of the valley made it all worthwhile. Never let it be about the destination. It really is all about the journey. It really was a good day.

Tomorrow’s goal is camping at Badlands National park, about 500 miles away. A late start is highly likely, however, as Rudi is running on the same amount of fumes as Bertha, his mount is.


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