The Adventure Begins … When Things Go Wrong

Posted on June 17, 2010


The Goal. But Not Really. The Journey Is Paramount, Day To Day.

Ahhh, the perfect trip. Planned to perfection by a professional, budget figured by an accountant, itinerary conducted by a travel virtuoso, and experienced as a seamless progression of velvet smooth moments by the participants. Just like in the travel ads.

You’ve got to be kidding. Who wants that crap when you can have the unexpected, the frightening, the dangerous, the off the wall, the stomach churning, the deliriously exciting. This is the Rudi way!

Guess What. The Adventure Has Just Begun.

This is what a real adventure trip looks like at some point. If you have been on one, you recognize the moment. Things have taken a wrong turn in some way, and you have to improvise. Oh, Shit.

Rudi stopped to take some pictures of beautiful restored log buildings on the Blue Ridge Parkway, and wasn’t paying attention to the tilted parking lot …  the deserted, remote, parking lot, and when he put his foot down, there was nothing there but air. KABOOM! For non-motorcyclists this is where many bike crashes occur. Stupid mistakes at less than 5 mph.

It Won't Get Up By Itself. Rudi, Where Are You?

Rudi eventually recovered and continued his four-day trip, but he learned a valuable lesson … Stuff Happens!. You just have to roll with it and make a new plan. No one is there to help, so figure it out, dude.  Take off the luggage, back up to the bike, roll it, lift and walk backwards, and it’s up. All 750 pounds of it. Big Bertha rides again. Oh, and figure out how to repair the leak in the brake line before you kill yourself on the next set of corners.

Here’s a hot shot of Jesse’s buddy, Jesse King, riding through a forest fire in Montana.

KLR 650 Rides Through Smoke & Flames

All in a day’s ride. The McGruder Corridor runs for a long way between two Montana/Idaho wilderness areas and it comes with no guarantees of a seamless vacation experience. Fire, ice, mud, heat … take your pick, but be prepared to deal with it because no one is looking out for you. Kind of like a trip to Alaska with the old man.

Montana Spring Ride Has Its Frozen Moments

Nice day for ride in early spring out west, Jesse. Yeah.

Young Male Bravado At Work.

They make it look like fun, and perhaps it was, if you are a Rudi clone. Are you? This is what to expect on the Dalton Highway north of Fairbanks on the way to the Arctic Circle, at any time of the year.

Jesse and his buds did have a support vehicle with hot drinks and a first aid kit, and a very understanding wife. Do you really think adventures happen only for the sweaty, wild-eyed, obsessed participants? Those “who stand and wait” is a really outdated concept of this whole experience. It should read “those who live and dream with us” ’cause there ain’t no standing and waiting among these supporters. They are right in the mix every day and the adventures would not succeed without them.

The Rudi Way is for lunatics … and those who love them.

Rudi leaves for Alaska in five days. He’s is not doing well  due to anxiety/frenzy complex and is becoming a real pain in the ass for those who love  him. They are the deserving ones here.

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