Meet The Riders & The Ladies

Posted on June 4, 2010


Celeste & Rudi, Glacier National Park 2009

Snuggles and Coffee for Angel & Jesse, Missoula 2009. This was prior to our dual sport ride along the Lewis & Clark route over Lolo Pass in Idaho on KLR650’s in 2009.

Here are the four actors in this drama.

Bob & Celeste are the parents of four children, including Jesse. Angel is Jesse’s fiancee and a welcome addition to our family. Jesse and Angel live near Missoula, Montana, and when not hanging off frozen waterfalls, they can be found climbing Mt. Hood or the Grand Teton, or catching trout in one of the many rivers near their home. Oh yeah, they do have real jobs, but in areas that let them work long and hard, then play long and hard.

Celeste and I live more sedentary lives in Atlanta, Georgia, although we still pound out the miles on our road bikes, hike the many trails near our home, wet a fly now and then in North Georgia mountain streams, and raise a pretty mean vegetable garden. We also enjoy white water paddling and believe we should protect our rivers. Celeste produces audio for  several developing websites, and together we produce videos for several environmental non-profits that keep watch over our waters. We mainly enjoy our children, our extended family, and one another.

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While Jesse and I are riding the motorcycles through British Columbia and the Yukon Territory into Alaska, Celeste and Angel will be planning our itinerary once we all link up in Fairbanks after the motorcycle run to the Arctic Circle. They have rented a small RV for a base camp during the two weeks we will explore Alaska, camping out the whole time in the RV and tents, enjoying the Alaska state bird, the mosquito.

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Rudi G  & Jesse